See Hour-by-Hour Trends In AdWords With Heat Maps


Everybody loves heat maps! They make it so much easier to see patterns in your data. Theyre especially good for looking at how performance changes over the hours of the day and the days of the week: with 168 different data points, its hard to see anything if you just have a table of numbers.

So the team at Brainlabs (my employer)wrote a script to help you create heat maps automatically. We hope you love it as much as we do.

What Does It Do?

This script takes the metrics of your choice and then totals them up for each hour of each day of the week. It also smooths the data. Then it pumps the result into a Google Docs spreadsheet where through the magic of conditional formatting it turns into a heat map. As a bonus, weve thrown in a line graph, so you have another way to see the difference between the weekdays.

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About The AuthorDaniel Gilbert is the MD at Brainlabs, the best PPC agency in the world (self-declared). He has started and invested in a number of big data and technology startups since leaving Google in 2010.

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