7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Sneak In Workouts

There are some entrepreneurs who prioritize their workouts over everything else, even meetings with clients--you don't need to take it to that extreme to live a healthy lifestyle. Having a strong, healthy business is important to you. So should having a strong, healthy body, right?

This hasn't been the way that I've operated until recently. However, after doing this for a couple of months, the mental clarity, and healthiness that you feel is certainly worth making some changes.

There are some lessons to be learned from these dedicated individuals (like making your workouts one of many priorities). Celebrities like Jennifer Anniston have touted the benefits of "mini workouts" throughout the day, as well as a dedicated longer time slot when you can swing it. All those little workouts add up, and unless you're chasing an extreme body fat percentage or fitness modeling competition, there's no rule that says workouts need to be in specific time blocks for you to achieve success.

The good news? If you're an entrepreneur, you're probably a Type-A already. There's also a good chance you're a morning person, which numerous studies have shown is the best time to work out.

If keeping body fat in check (or reducing it) is your goal, consider a cardio activity first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It doesn't work for everyone, but a fasted cardio session can do wonders to keep you trim. If bulking up/toning is your goal, lift or strength train after a five-minute cardio warmup and save the rest of the cardio for later in the day.

There are many ways to sneak in workouts, even for the busiest of entrepreneurs. Here are a few:

Skip gym commutes: The time necessary to drive to the gym, put your stuff in the locker and those other before and after rituals suck up a lot of time. You're dedicated enough to skip this--try urban hiking, running, signing up for Yogis Anonymous or get live yoga classes right from your laptop. The less time you commute, the more time you save.Stay in workout clothes (if you can): This isn't feasible for all entrepreneurs, but if you work from home or in a very casual office, stay in your workout clothes. All that changing back and forth (plus added laundry loads) can waste your time. If you're already in workout clothes, you're more inclined to (surprise!) work out. Me? I'm always rocking a hoodie and shorts anyway!Take every opportunity to work out: Take the stairs instead of the elevator, do a certain amount of pushups every 20 minutes to stay sharp or during commercials of your favorite show. Plus, don't be embarrassed to test out some deskercises. All those little efforts pay off, especially with strength building. In a 45-minute lifting session, a lot of that time is spent resting to let your muscles recover and keep your heart rate down. You can do the same thing over an 8+ hour period right in your office.Remember it's 80 percent diet: Working out is paramount to burning fat, increasing your metabolism, increasing muscle mass and overall wellness from your heart health to your joint health. However, no amount of working out will let you have a poor diet and still stay healthy. You need to fuel the machine, and a healthy body is 80 percent diet/20 percent exercise. On those days, you just can't work out, pay extra attention to your diet and keep it low-carb but high protein.Get a support group: Ideally this group is outside your entrepreneurial circle. Join a jogging group or an online support group. When you surround yourself with active people who enjoy the same workouts as you, you can "check out" of your venture and give yourself a social "workout treat." Download the app, Lose It! It has a community that can really help you stay motivated! The free version works great, and they do have a premium version that I've found useful.Track EVERYTHING! You can't change what you don't track. Would you run your business without financial reports, project tracking, or analytics? Hell no! That's for fools, right? Well, if you're not tracking your fitness, that's fool's gold, as well. The best solution that I've found is to wear a wearable that tracks your steps, heart rate, sleep, water intake, calories, and other metrics. The device that I picked up is the FitBit Charge HR. I noticed that I've become addicted to tracking my calories and making sure that I hit my daily fitness goals. I got a FitBit because I was tired of being a FatBit... It helps when you track.Just Do It! Do you need another reason to get off your ass and get in a workout? You'll feel better, you'll be more productive, your brain will work better, you'll have a great sex drive, you'll look better, and you'll live longer. What else do you need, really?

You didn't get your venture up and running without some serious ambition. You know it's a lifelong endeavor--the same goes for your health and workouts. Working out deserves just as much attention as any other endeavor.

Take it from a not-as-fat-as-I-used-to-be fat guy, you can do it. You just need to put a priority on it, and you'll find that it's easy. Best of luck to you, especially during these holiday seasons!


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